One Short Link, Infinite Possibilities.

Our shortlinks transcend mere URL redirection, serving as a strategic bridge that connects your audience directly to their intended digital destinations. This tool is indispensable for marketers who prioritize data-driven decisions, offering unparalleled insights into customer preferences and online behaviors, thereby enabling a more tailored and effective marketing approach.

Target. Re-Target.

Enhance your marketing reach by precisely targeting your customers and guiding them to pages that resonate with their interests. Incorporate tracking pixels into your advertising strategy to re-engage visitors with customized ads, effectively increasing conversions and capturing your audience's attention.

Track. Measure. Optimize.

Distribute your links across your network, leveraging data analytics to refine your marketing strategies for peak performance. Engage precisely with the demographic that aligns with your campaign objectives.

Expand Your Reach & Increase Sales. Perfect For Sales & Marketing

Gaining insights into your audience's behaviors and preferences is key to boosting your conversion rates. Our platform offers comprehensive tracking capabilities, from click counts and geographical data to referral sources, equipping you with the data needed for in-depth analysis and strategy refinement.

Target Interested Users. Powerful Tools That Work

Our platform empowers you to precisely target and understand user behaviors, enhancing their overall experience through effective re-targeting strategies. With a suite of powerful tools at your disposal, you can engage your audience more effectively.

Control Over Everything. Complete Control Over Your Links

Our premium membership grants you unparalleled flexibility and control over your links. This includes the freedom to modify the destination URL at any time, as well as the ability to fine-tune, add, or eliminate filters as your campaign needs evolve.

Features You Didn't Even Know You Needed.

Precise Targeting

Enhance your marketing strategy by targeting users based on their geographical location and device type, guiding them to customized pages designed to boost conversion rates effectively.

Custom Landing Pages

Design tailor-made landing pages to showcase your products or services, capturing the attention of your audience and actively engaging them in your marketing initiatives.

Custom Overlays

Leverage our overlay tool to subtly present notifications on your target website, offering an ideal solution for communicating with your customers or launching promotional campaigns without disrupting their browsing experience.

Event Tracking

Integrate custom tracking pixels from platforms like Facebook to monitor real-time events, enabling precise tracking and analysis of user interactions on your site.

Branded Domain Names

Effortlessly integrate your own branded domain to shorten links, enhancing your brand's visibility and fostering trust among your users.

Team Management

Enable collaboration within your team by inviting members and customizing their access levels. This way, they can efficiently manage links, bundles, pages, and various features, streamlining your digital marketing efforts.

Robust API

Harness our robust API to craft bespoke applications or enhance your existing software with our comprehensive suite of tools, seamlessly integrating advanced functionalities to meet your unique requirements.


Enhance your workflow by integrating with leading platforms to elevate your productivity. Connect seamlessly with WordPress, Slack, Shortcuts, Zapier, and a selection of over ten pixel providers to streamline your processes and optimize efficiency.

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Since integrating Zoogl into our digital marketing toolkit, we've seen a 40% increase in engagement on our campaigns. It's been a game-changer for our team's productivity!

Stacy Digital Marketer

Zoogl's detailed analytics have revolutionized the way we approach our online strategy, allowing us to double our ROI in just a few months!

Michael CEO

The ease of creating and tracking QR codes for our events has saved us countless hours. Zoogl is a must-have for any digital marketer.

Priya Event Coordinator

As an affiliate marketer, Zoogl's platform has made it incredibly easy to manage and optimize my campaigns. My earnings have never been higher!

John Super Affiliate

Zoogl's user-friendly interface and powerful features have allowed me to streamline my workflow and focus more on creativity and less on tedious tasks.

Emma SEO Expert

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